Lucy Suchman
Xerox Parc
Palo Alto, California
August 13th1999


“I have, more than ever, a sense of the immovability of these institutions”
Interview with Lucy Suchman

Palo Alto, California
August 13th1999

A. Summary with Links
B. Interview
  1. Origins: Berkeley 1968
  2. Turning the Anthropological Gaze Back on Ourselves
  3. Joining Xerox PARC
  4. From Being a Critic to Creating Participatory Design
  5. On the Shadow Side of the New Economy: Three Concerns
  6. A Sense of the Immovability of Institutions
  7. Being the Nexus of Multiple Worlds
  8. Reflection
  9. Bio
C. Complete Interview (Acrobat PDF Download)
D. Related Sites: Additional Biographical information

E. Audio



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